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Cygnul Systems

We build singular web applications.

When looking for an agency to build your web or mobile application, two important attributes to establish are the technologies utilized and the expertise of the developers. An easy to use, well-designed site creates the necessary precedent for success, while a professional developer using the right toolset will - at the very least - save you and your organization from much of the technical perils associated with an increase in traffic.

At Cygnul Systems we are passionate developers with years of collective experience. We plan, design and build projects with a sense of ownership, by implication helping us to make optimizations which would otherwise be beyond the normal project
scope. We believe that proper attention paid to the less apparent details will often see a project through to higher levels of effectualness.

Stacked for performance.

Our apps are written in Python, a fast, secure and versatile scripting language. We use the Django web framework to benefit from its model?view?controller software architecture approach. Data requirements are modelled in-house, and delegated to the prowess of
PostgresQL. This ensures optimal performance and consistency, courtesy of industry-vetted database power.

We are interface and digital design fundis. HTML, CSS and JavaScript is written from scratch for each project. Rest assured, your site is designed by veteran creatives.

Open at work.

From design through development and finally production, our technology stack is 100% open source - which translates into an array of benefits for our clients, some of which are decreased expenditures, zero vendor lock-in, lowered security risk and ease of migration.

We engage in ongoing research to ensure that the technologies we use are the best for their respective purposes. We take various metrics into consideration when deciding on the use of a
particular technology. For brevity's sake the greater majority of our stack is either actively used or developed by the likes of Google?, Mozilla, Instagram, OpenStack, Pinterest and Disqus.

Finally, our apps scale with your success. Adherence to industry standards ensures a higher degree of built-in resilience and less maintenance.

Primary specialization:

Private Community sitesCorporate Enterprise sitesAndroid iOS appsE-commerce sitesBespoke CMS systems
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