Cabinet de recrutement Alhambra Executive Search


Cabinet de recrutement Alhambra Executive Search


Cabinet de recrutement Alhambra Executive Search

Executive Search and Tailored recruitment
Our mission is based on identifying talents in line with their
professional career wishes and the companies' expectations. Our geographical perimeter is mainly

A commitment to
the direct approach

Our consultants
recruit by using the direct approach exclusively within their favourite sectors
and/or industries. This enables them to guarantee a targeted, fast and
effective search within a spectrum of candidates.

The choice of

Identification techniques,
direct contact with Executives and the selection of potential candidates
deployed by Alhambra Executive Search
are based on a thorough analysis of our clients' needs as well as in-depth
knowledge of their ecosystem. To date, 98% of our candidates recruited for our
clients are kept on after their trial period.

Taking our
clients' specific needs into account

A truly successful
search should lead to the recruitment of an Executive ready to develop his new company
and improve its performance.

This is possible
through a real understanding of the Job position and its business stakes as
well as a real understanding of the company and its economic environment. The
operational experience boasted by our consultants? and their business sector
knowledge enable them to act in perfect harmony with our clients' expectations.


Our assessment capabilities have one key objective:
detecting the key persons and the high potential to value the best functional
and technical profiles in companies.

Alhambra Executive Search?s contribution is to make
its recruitment expertise available to its clients in the context of assessment
services. The contribution brought by an external specialist improves
objectivity towards the candidates and makes it easier to evaluate the
candidate?s personality as well as their ability to take on other roles.

Our services start with an in-depth interview with the
candidates applying for internal mobility. Then, we focus on analyzing career
paths, simulation tests and understanding tests relative to the Job in
question. We also assess candidates? level of motivation and their suitability.
These services conclude with a skill assessment test and a recommendation of the
candidate?s suitability for the position offered.

Alhambra Executive Search takes on all sorts of
missions including mergers and acquisitions, job-saving schemes and
restructuring operations

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